Your very own South African Interior Guru in the heart of Yorkshire

White Rabbit Interiors…really?! I’ve been lost in the exploration of my own interior design rabbit warren for over 16 years now. Our first project began in 2003 with our first home. We tenanted the apartment for a year in order to save enough money to completely remake the property – a 1920’s Sir Herbert Baker original in the leafy heart of Melrose in Johannesburg South Africa.
Numerous projects later and I have decided to let my particular brand of interior flavour loose on the Yorkshire market. With a background in real estate sales, this rabbit is also able to marry the practicalities of how renovations impact on the potential saleability of properties with the articulation of the client’s needs and desires, whilst simultaneously keeping a close eye on the budget. Impossible? Perhaps not.

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Doctors save lives by constructing a healthy life, designers save lives by constructing a life worth living – Mark W. Perrett
Want to know more about the white rabbit? I believe that self- knowledge assists with the creation of a living environment that suits your perfectly. Introverted by nature, I am able to mobilise my analytical and problem-solving acumen to discover your perfect home for you. Rabbits crave beauty and order in everything they do, aligning their temperaments perfectly to interior design. Enter your year of birth into any Chinese Astrology website if you are keen to explore more about your own proclivities in this area…